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A. Stevie Bergman, PhD
A. Stevie Bergman, PhD
steviebergman at deepmind dot com

Hi there. I consider myself a public interest scientist of sorts,
with a global, human rights and ethics focus. I research questions
at the interface of technology and society.

I have a strong interest in tech policy and over a decade of
experience in science & technology communication.

PhD Phyics, Princeton // Fulbright scholar // Peace Corps Volunteer, Uganda
WPRB 103.3 FM, These Vibes Are Too Cosmic // Paralegal, USDOJ

Papers   //  Short CV   //   Twitter: @TVR2C

A. Stevie Bergman

Senior Research Scientist
Ethics Research team, DeepMind
New York City
April 2022-

Past: Research Scientist in AI Fairness
Responsible AI, Meta
New York City
January 2020-22

At Meta I research the practical implementation of ethical AI, and am particularly interested in contexts that aim to improve the situations of vulnerable communities globally. Additionally, I taught an internal AI Fairness seminar to colleagues.

//////// Papers in AI Ethics/Tech & Society ////////

2022 ACL Findings Paper: Bergman & Diab,
Towards Responsible Natural Language Annotation
for the Varieties of Arabic

2022 ACL & FAccT Submissions: Dinan, Bergman, et al.,
Anticipating Safety Issues in E2E Conversational AI: Framework and Tooling
(split into 2 for submissions)

2022 FAccT Submission: Cai, Bergman, et al.,
Adaptive Sampling Strategies to Construct Equitable Training Datasets

2021 ACM FAccT Paper: Bakalar, Bergman, et al., Fairness On The Ground:
Applying Algorithmic Fairness Approaches To Production Systems

//////// Education & Physics Research ////////

Doctorate in Physics, Princeton University
Awarded on October 25th, 2019

Spider Collaboration, William C. Jones Lab
Experimental Physics, Observational Cosmology

Measuring the polarization in the cosmic microwave background radiation via launching telescopes on a weather balloon from Antarctica.

We search for a tiny signal - radiation from the early Universe - with a particular statistical signature, buried within instrumental noise and a mountain of astrophysical foregrounds. This work is heavy on both hardware and data analysis, with a bit of cosmology theory.

NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2015-18
Joseph Henry Merit Prize, 2014

Fulbright Fellow, Indonesia 2013-14
Theoretical physics research at the Institut Teknologi, Bandung.

Assistant Researcher, CERN 2013
  Emlyn Hughes, Columbia University

Smith College, Graduated cum laude, Highest Honors 2009
Bachelor's in Physics, minor Astrophysics

Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi
  Waterman Prize for Outstanding Senior in Physics
JYA, St Edmund Hall, Oxford University
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Caltech
Dean's List

//////// Public Service ////////

Peace Corps Volunteer, Uganda 2011-13
  Science Education Volunteer
  Creator and Co-Founder of Girltech Uganda (Peace Corps page)

Paralegal, US Department of Justice 2009-10
  Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Princeton Physics Climate & Inclusion Committee member, 2018-19

Prison Teaching Initiative, 2016-19

Princeton Citizen Scientists 2016-18
Founding member and a 2017 Day of Action lead

//////// Science & Tech Communication ////////

I've been communicating on science & tech consistently since early 2010, when I started a science, tech, and DC culture/music blog called These Vibes Are Too Cosmic (or The Sidney, for reasons I only vaguely remember). This work continued into the Peace Corps in Uganda as a Science Education volunteer and creator & co-director of GirlTech Uganda, a science & tech professional development camp for Ugandan girls. In graduate school I picked back up the These Vibes title (abbreviated TVR2C) for a weekly science & tech interview show with Brian Kraus on WPRB Princeton 103.3 FM. We continued this show for over 4 years and 100+ interviews. A sampling of those shows are below along with a miniseries podcast I created in 2019, in my final year of my PhD while I was working on my thesis.

All of this, while giving talks on science and tech related topics, and here and there one on applying to graduate school in physics -- all too numerous to remember.

Later, as a research scientist at Facebook, I spent part of my time teaching internally on concepts related to fairness & ethics in AI.


  Five episode podcast as a primer to the topic of AI & Human Rights, framed by the Princeton Center for Information and Technology Policy/UN Conference Social Protection by Artificial Intelligence: Decoding Human Rights in a Digital Age
Listen on Apple, Spotify, or Soundcloud.

Creator and Co-Host, These Vibes Are Too Cosmic, 2015-19
  Airs on WPRB Princeton 103.3 FM
  Weekly science show featuring expert interviews from across science and tech. All full streams of past shows are in the backcatalogue.

Sampling of Shows:

  Interview with Ruha Benjamin on Power and Manipulation
at the Interface of Tech and Society

  Interviews with Edward Felten on Policy and Tech and Electronic Voting

  Interview with Annette Zimmerman on Algorithmic Injustice

  Interview with Bendert Zevenbergen on the Power Dynamics and
Ethical Frameworks in AI and the Internet

  Interview with Joseph Amon on Health and Human Rights

  Interviews with Sam Wang on Gerrymandering and Stats (Show 1 and Show 2)

  Interview with Alexander Ploss on Research in Infectious
Diseases and It's Global Importance

  Interview with Sébastien Phillipe on Nuclear Arms Verification and Disarmament

//////// Educational Resources ////////

Applying to Graduate School in Physics
Detailed PowerPoint, full of links and resources.

Video Series on Uncertainty Analysis
Designed to augment Physics 101/102 curriculum.
Coming out soon as YouTube series.

Vast science outreach experience.


Papers   //  Short CV   //   Twitter: @TVR2C